★ About The Artist

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I'm Sami, the artist behind Wisparia!
I live in the pacific northwest with my fiance and our furry cat child, an orange tabby named Kirby. I tend to post pictures of Kirby a lot on my instagram stories, so if you follow me there, you've probably seen him!
I am an independent artist, self taught, and produce most of my merchandise from home. Currently I create artwork and sell it as a side job, though and working towards being able to pursue making art and freelance fulltime!  While it will be a bit before I get there, the support I've had so far in what I create has been just overwhelming and I appreciate every single person that has helped me get this far!

I've been drawing and making art as long as I can remember, and really started pursuing selling what I create only a couple years ago. Always inspired to bring a fun fantasy world to life, with bright whimsical colors and cute creatures and beasties of all shapes and sizes. I always just create the things that inspire me most! I love nature, space, animals(all the cats!), fantasy, and bright colors and hope to always be able to create art that represents all these things to help bring just a little more happiness to the world.

For my digital artwork, I primarily use a wacom tablet, painttool SAI, and photoshop.
For traditional artwork I love to experiment, but my favorites are watercolors, and copic markers.

If you have any questions about me, my art, or how I make things, feel free to send me a message!

★Thank you★